Complementary Detox Products Arrive Exclusively at NUTRISHOP

Complementary Detox Products Arrive Exclusively at NUTRISHOP

7-Day Cleanse and Daily Detox by NU-TEK Nutrition can help jump-start a wellness journey and keep it going strong  


HENDERSON, Nev., January 19, 2021 – NUTRISHOP®, a national nutrition, wellness and supplement retail franchise, today announced the launch of 7-Day Cleanse and Daily Detox by NU-TEK Nutrition® at NUTRISHOP stores nationwide and online at And, the timing couldn’t be better as many individuals across the nation have set New Year’s resolutions to live healthier and get in great shape.

“We’re excited to be able to offer these two new detox products to our customers, especially now when so many are looking for ways to look and feel better than ever or to get back on track with their wellness and nutrition goals,” said Bryon McLendon, CEO and Founder of NUTRISHOP. “We are all about helping people do just that!”

7-Day Cleanse contains powerful ingredients like Burdock root, Slippery Elm Bark, Senna Leaf, Aloe Vera and Cascara Sagrada – all packed into a convenient, four-capsule serving that can be taken twice per day. Daily Detox is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-drink powdered formula created with hand-selected ingredients like FiberSmart, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Matcha Tea, Lemon Juice, Cranberry and more. Each serving only contains 10 calories.

“These two products were designed to complement one another and are intended for those who may be starting a new fitness journey or weight-loss program or have been indulging a little too much and need a good jump-start,” said McLendon. “The 7-Day Cleanse is a fast-acting, potent formula that can certainly kick things off, while the Daily Detox can be taken on a daily basis – I recommend in the mornings – to help support the body’s natural cleansing system for optimal health and wellness.”

For those who think a detox powder invariably tastes bitter and way too earthy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth for Daily Detox.

“It’s super refreshing and tastes so good! It almost feels like someone just juiced it for you and handed it to you to drink,” said Madison Avedikian, who owns the Brea, California NUTRISHOP store where she offered samples of Daily Detox to her customers over the weekend. “I had customers tell me they could sip on this all day. They were shocked by how great it tasted.”

Detox products have long been popular among health-minded individuals, and for good reason. Addressing the body’s cleansing system is a great approach for optimal health and wellness. This approach includes eating the right foods and nutrients that help support good bacteria balance in the gut, aiding the body’s pH balance, and helping to rid the body of toxins.

Those who aren't sure if a detox product is right for them should consult with their primary care physician first. Those who want to learn more about these products are invited to speak with an experienced nutrition consultant at their local NUTRISHOP store.

Since 2003, NUTRISHOP has helped countless individuals live a fit, healthy, happy lifestyle. NUTRISHOP stores offer customers a low-price guarantee on a wide array of cutting-edge dietary supplements along with exceptional, individualized customer service, easy-to-follow meal plans, body composition assessment tools, and sound nutritional guidance. The NUTRISHOP business model focuses primarily on franchisee-owned and operated stores that provide consumers with the tools required to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @NutrishopUSA.

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