NUTRISHOP® Asks: Belly Bloat Got You Feeling Uncomfortable and Sluggish?

NUTRISHOP® Asks: Belly Bloat Got You Feeling Uncomfortable and Sluggish?

If indulging over the long holiday weekend left you feeling extra full around your midsection,  try these tips to banish the bloat 
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HENDERSON, Nev., Sept. 6, 2022 – No one likes saying it. Yet every person on the planet has most likely experienced it. We’re talking about bloating (there, we said it). If you’ve ever succumbed to that tell-tale, puffed-out pooching around your midsection, then you know how uncomfortable it can be (maybe you’ve had to don the fat pants or unsnap your jeans to free the bloat beast). We’re betting you’d do anything to eliminate that feeling, STAT. If you’re coming off a long holiday weekend punctuated profusely by indulgent behaviors and you want to de-puff and feel better, here are some valuable tips from Nutrishop, a national nutrition, wellness, and supplement retail franchise.

“Keep in mind, if you’re experiencing a problem with bloating, it can be a result of so many different factors,” said Nutrishop franchise store owner Jay Vicino, who is ISSA-certified in fitness nutrition. “Some include consuming alcohol, processed foods, and a large influx of sodium, which can surely happen over a long holiday weekend full of backyard parties and get-togethers. But bloating can also be caused by other factors like over-training, under-eating, staying sedentary, and simple things like drinking from straws or chewing gum. Luckily there are steps you can take to combat bloating.”

1. Supplement it. Research shows that supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes can help relieve bloating. “In our store, we recommend eating a healthy diet and having an active lifestyle as the first line of defense, but we also recommend support products like Daily Detox, 7-Day Cleanse, and Gut Formula to combat stubborn bloat,” said Vicino. “Products like these are also great to add into your daily routine for overall health and wellness support.”

2. Walk it off. “Even though bloating can cause discomfort and you feel sluggish and may not want to move, one of the best things to help combat it is to go for a walk,” said Brittinie Wick, a fitness coach and Nutrishop brand ambassador who regularly contributes to Nutrishop’s Learning Center. “It doesn’t have to be long because even a 10-15 minute walk helps improve the feeling of bloating by eliminating gas from your bowels. Plus, walking also helps get other things moving.”

3. Drink more. We’re not talking about spirited beverages here. We’re talking about H20. And, if you’re thinking water will only make bloating worse, think again. “It may sound counterintuitive, but you definitely should drink more water,” Wick suggested. “If you want to take it up a notch, try peppermint tea because it can help relieve gassy bloating by relaxing intestinal muscles. Ginger, lemon, and dandelion tea can also help.”

4. Plan accordingly. The combination of sugar, salt, and alcohol is the perfect storm for belly bloat. So, if you’d rather avoid bloating altogether or at least reduce your risk, then minimize foods and drinks that bloat you in the first place, said Amy Jo Palmquest, a Nutrishop franchisee and an ACE-certified personal trainer with a degree in exercise science and nutrition. “For example, try one splurge – either one alcoholic drink or one treat – at a time,” she said. “You can still have fun with your family and friends, and afterward your belly with thank you.”

If you’d like additional suggestions to banish belly bloat or want to learn more about what Nutrishop can do to help you with your nutrition and weight management needs, visit your local Nutrishop store and speak with a knowledgeable professional today.

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